Small Gift, Big Smile Spread
This is an example of an original spread designed by myself, and the format in which patrons of the Knight [$10] tier and up can expect to receive them. I'll be developing new spreads on a monthly basis, and these will be sent to Patrons in PDF format, so that they can be printed out and used in a journal, filed, or turned into a spread book. A black and white version will always be included, to make printing easier.

I will very often use one of these spreads to do a reading for myself, both to share my reading technique and to demonstrate how the spread performs.

Here we see a prime example of a deck doing some major sucking up, by throwing me XXI The World as my "small" gift! But in looking at this card a bit longer, it suggests that it isn't one thing about me that makes a difference - it's me as a whole. Perhaps, also, that I know myself. Keroppi represents the king of stable emotions, the master of diplomacy, and all-round ruler of balance and harmony. As someone who approaches emotions from a primarily intellectual angle, I am able to help people sort through difficult feelings in difficult times - in a creative manner -, and aid them in returning to a place of personal power.

I really love the 6 of Pentacles as guidance for how to build on my joy : joy grows when it is shared [funny, that's exactly what I wrote in the spread description!], but don't forget to save a slice for yourself. If "sharing" doesn't include the giver, they quickly run out of the energy and desire to continue doing so. The Wheel of Fortune makes me think of taking control, and actively - or pro-actively? - giving of myself, rather than waiting for a reason. In the Rider-Waite-Smith Wheel of Fortune card there are 4 creatures in the corners, representing the 4 elements - or areas - of life. This tells me that there isn't only one way to share my gift. 

Something interesting I noticed is that 3 of the cards have a character holding things in their hands, and in all 3 cases, the right hands gives ["water", cake, wisdom] while the left hands holds an instrument [flute, knife, sword]. A flute is a wind instrument, so that's 3 instruments of the suit of Air/Swords. AND - the World Dancer is a bird! To me, that reinforces the idea that my gift is thinky in nature.

I hope you enjoy the spread! If you use it, do leave a comment below and a link if it's online - I'd love to see your results. And if you're ever in doubt, just ask yourself - What Would Hello Kitty Do?

Deck used : Hello Kitty Tarot by Joe Rosales, remastered & coloured by Brittany Tingey | self-published, 2012