Small Goof About Goonmanji Poll
This won't change anything, but in the interest of full disclosure, I thought when I made a poll post public, you still had to be a patron of my Patreon to vote.

As it turns out, if a poll is public, you simply have to have a Patreon account, and don't have to be a current supporter of my Patreon.

Given that the poll's been up for a few days now, I don't intend to change anything, and to just let it continue. You at least have to be logged in as a Patron, so I don't see a way for people to use this to cheat the outcome, and if I'd known it worked that way, I might have considered it for something like this anyway.

While I don't consider this that huge a blunder (though it certainly is a blunder), I felt like I'd be hiding something if I didn't comment on it, so... Comment comment comment.