A Small Note for the World Today
I just heard about the Brussels attacks and it makes my heart sink. I'm sure the news will become a reality show of the search for who/what/why over the next few weeks, and I'm sure things will get worse for those who have nothing to do with this. I'm expecting those who already operate on / benefit from fear will use this opportunity to shout "See? You see what happens when you are kind? You see what happens when you let any doors stay open?" It only takes 2 instances for the mind to start recognizing a pattern, and while the Paris attacks felt like this singular horror, this is already feeling like an indication of an incline, and I feel very grim.

I've been starting to send out well-wishes and prayers over Twitter and the like, and I searched my archive of drawings for an image that I could add. I stumbled on this, something I drew a while back when I was in a place of despair, and I felt, this speaks a sentiment I need right now-- that I think the world needs. Empathy and sadness, also rage and vengefulness, I expect those feelings to surface. I want to also encourage this: courage. Because there's people out there (*sneezes Trumpf!* oh, excuse me, where's a kleenex-) who use fear as a tool, and fear is a very powerful and manipulative tool, and we've seen it cause large populations to make very serious mistakes before. I might not have good, rational reasons to back up why or how a person can have courage at this time, but courage isn't about having reasons to be brave, it's about remembering that you don't have to operate according to fear. That's all for now, I hope you all are well-

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