It has not been a good week for me.

So, recap: eHost, my chosen webhost, is migrating to a new provider. Don't know when they plan to migrate my account, since they said they were doing it since the Summer.

Okay, but life goes on, and I need this domain for a little project. However, you can't buy another domain until the migration is complete. So, I buy the domain elsewhere and link it.

Holy shit, did I fuck up.

Well, clarification here. I didn't, so much as the site did. I knew what I was doing, the process involved, but the host just didn't respond in the way that it was supposed to. It was beyond the help of the immediate response team, so I'm teleported back to the days of a "support ticket" and a "queue". It's really weird.

I'm perfect, machines are not. Lesson learned.

So, on November 15, at around 19:20, went offline, and has been for longer than it has in ten years, when the site was first created.

TL;DR - Not my fault.

A richer man would have a backup. I have about 10 fanfic accounts, so that counts for something.

Sorry for the downtime of the archive, and... everything, but NOTHING was deleted. So I'm not starting from scratch. When it goes back online, it'll be like it never left. It should all be back up by Thanksgiving, but... well, I haven't heard anything, so it might take a while.

I mean, it is possible to drop all of these files somewhere temporarily, but I'm not too worried. Just gives me more time to plan out my Holiday decorations!

Update (11-22-2017):

So... around Christmas, then? I feel... empty. cold.