Small Update
Hey all, sorry for the lack of updates recently. A lot has been going on.

I had started designing Televisual knowing I'd be busy over the Summer months and feeling like I wouldn't be able to make small projects that would be to a decent calibre. The problem was that I underestimated just how busy I'd be. In July I either didn't have the time or energy to work on it at all and had to take the month off.

...And then August hit and mental health went down hard. I've been struggling with my anxiety which has caused difficulty with me working on a larger project. So due to this, I'm reshuffling and going back to small projects again, and delaying Televisual till later in the year.

Well, kind of! I'm going to be entering the IFComp, so I'll be releasing a smaller game than what Televisual would have been, but a larger game than my usual monthly games. I'll be working on this for the next month and a half on my submission for this, and it'll be the game I'm releasing to cover both months. If I have time to write a few small articles about something (article writing being something I've considered doing before anyway), those will come out this month.

Love you all and I'm really sorry that everything changed suddenly. Sadly, life has just gotten in the way. <3