Here's a vid of what I have so far. Finity has 4 block types in a gridmap, but the player isn't programmed yet.
Port Meaux is also going to use gridmaps, I have to edit them a bit.
Both will share the block sheet for materials on their blocks.

Port Meaux:
Going to modify flying, double-axis rotation is a mess.
Item crafting needs to check during craft process for items.
Health increases when jumping, needs fix.
Flying bug causes health drain after landing. Probably due to die-axil rotations.
Still have to work on player and NPC's.
Thinking of increasing max item stack.
Mouse pointer needs behavioural training when the menus are not up.

Access to it will be hidden/impossible until later in Port Meaux.
You won't harvest blocks, but will have infinite access to common blocks for placement.
Some blocks will only be crafted.
Some items will act like blocks.
Some blocks will drop resources.
Thinking of making the world restore itself over time (or grow).
([ GASP! ]clear a world that is ever encroaching, use blocks to stop it's advance)
This gives me ideas for a few game modes.
This will only add blocks, not remove/replace.
Each chunk might be 256x256.
Already have 5 chunks with 256x64 blocks generating in about 5-10 seconds.
Runs at 50-60 frames, with shadows.
May limit lights per chunk (only the sun will cast shadows).
Need a block to follow the mouse pointer so I can place blocks.
Got ray projection from mouse working, this will help everything.
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