Small updates....
Shamukh friends!

Just a few small updates.... The past month has been super busy on many fronts for me, sadly meaning a bit less time for The Dwarrow Scholar content. Yet, I am feverishly working on a few things still, which I hope will gladden your hearts.

Updated dictionaries: Yes, it's that time again... over 6000 new entries to be added and 4000 revised items.  Also, this publication will come with a brand new "student version", which focuses on the nouns, compound words and ONE verb form per verb. In other words the bare essentials (not 50 different conjugations of the same verb). This student version will ensure folks can search content a bit more easily (handy for learning - hence student version) AND will allow me to put the dictionary into a printable book. 

Youtube Lesson 4 + 5: Lesson 4 is in the works and 5 too (seeing that is a review of the first 4 lessons). Will take a few months though before I can post that, seeing that I still need to find a few male voices for the recordings (if anyone has an interest, let me know).

Q&A Neo-Khuzdul Session via discord:  Currently planned for August 7th at 20:00 Central Europe Time (11:00 AM Pacific Time). Any Patron is welcomed to join.  We are looking at a session of an hour or so, mainly to answer some questions you may have. But also, to give you folks an exclusive glimpse into how words are made, how the dictionary takes form, etc.. . A bit of a "behind the scenes" really, so I hope that would be interesting for you folks.

Online Lessons:  The most excited project (and most time consuming without doubt) .... it is in full swing... but can't show you anything yet sadly.... awww. But have no fear! I WILL in September show my dear Patrons a screenshot (and tiny teaser video) of one element of these lessons. And I think (hope) it will blow you folks away... so stay tuned! 

And a few other items you will see popping up in the weeks and months to come.

Ever at your service,

The Dwarrow Scholar.

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