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Wall street has always (and I guess will continue) to have the edge with latest trading and analytical technologies.  But internet is a great equalizer and  we as researchers always wanted to bring same stock analysis to main street to help Joe & Jane become smart investors. is dedicated to providing stock market investing and trading education free to extent possible. already provides vast stock market information & analysis (charts, performances, trends, technical & fundamental analysis, etc) for free. No pay walls. No number of viewed pages limit. We provide proprietary technical trend information for nearly 5000 stocks and ETF funds.

We need your support and patronage to continue doing this. Also, we have plans to bring in latest state-of-art technologies like artificial intelligence to help with stock market analysis (yes, only  analysis - no tips or guarantees). To do with this in independent and in a non-bias way, we need to crowd source funding for stock market research and education activities. 

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