A Smart Knowledge Engine as 'creation in progress'

My Smart Knowledge Engine is the result of over 20 years of private research and analysis of science and metrology, the science of measuring.   I discovered that it's the missing link between physics as the 'real 3D world' and maths as the attempt of modelling it. Hence I use "3D Metrics" as my domain name. 

Funding has been private, mainly thanks to my mother who passed away in 2011. She was 22 and I was 5 months old when she saved us from the bomb fires in Dresden. 

I owe my love for computing to her genius. She read "What is a computer?" and said "that is something for you." She's been an admirable role model for my battles in a world where power is defined by men in powerful positions and institutions. 

I have published a lot hoping to interest clients and / or investors: 




So far in vain. Hence I'm going to create PREMIUM content for patrons now: important images and significant data re-visualised for new insights - thanks to more depth, detail and structure - due to PIXEL ACCURACY!

Yours gratefully in advance,