Smarter Pie Menu: Searchable - Official Release

Simply open the pie menu and start typing whatever interaction you want, it will narrow the results for you. When there's only a single interaction found, you can press enter to run the interaction.


  • Searchable Pie Menu: As soon as the pie menu is opened, you can type to filter the interactions. If results are found, the menu will refresh with the filtered results.
  • Press Enter to Select: If your search returns a single result, you can press enter to immediately select that interaction.
  • Time Controls with Menu Open: Hold alt and press `, 0, 1, 2, or 3 to set the respective time.
  • Pan Camera with Menu Open: Press the arrow keys for the respective directions. There is a small delay before moving which is unavoidable due to the core game engine restrictions.

Really happy with how it's turned out. 😊

If you find the mod useful, please consider supporting me by joining me here on Patreon when/if possible. It's always appreciated! 🧡


Install by opening the zip and dragging the "Tmex-SmarterPieMenu.package" to your mods folder. That's it!

Only known conflict at this time is Dark UI

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