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SMASH! Cosplay Highlights 2014 Part 2
And here's Part 2, featuring some amazing Sakizou costumes and lolita coordinates. We also got the opportunity to speak to Reika about her experiences with lolita and ouji fashion, including her work modeling for Alice and the Pirates at Anime Matsuri. We'll be posting that video on our Facebook soon! You can also see a teaser at the end for another video that we've been working on - it may or may not have something to do with this wonderful cosplayer - We know it's not necessarily lolita or J-fashion related but it was a good experiment for compositing 3D Pokemon in a live action space. We'll be using what we've learnt for another upcoming video that we've teased here previously: Mysterious Sisters - Sylveon vs Chandelure Pokemon battle. So stay tuned for heaps more lolita and cosplay videos coming soon! Thanks again for your support <3