Tier Benefits
Rank - Private
$1 or more per month
As a $1 supporter, you'll get access to special "Patreon Only" videos, and access to my private Patreon page where you'll be able to  see my posts and announcements and have discussions, comment, and ask questions where you'll get quick replies!

 I appreciate any amount of support for the KleshGuitars channel!  

Rank - Sergeant
$5 or more per month
View all my videos before they are uploaded to YouTube, usually the evening the videos are filmed and edited. This means you'll see the videos weeks in advance!

You get to watch, comment, discuss and ask questions before it's uploaded to YouTube! This includes comment related giveaways so you get to start entering/commenting early, before all of YouTube! 

-All previous rewards included.

Rank - Major Credit
$20 or more per month
As a Major Credit Patreon Supporter you will have your name, business or YouTube channel added to the credits at the end of each of my upcoming videos, permanently, for the time you are a current $20 tier patron, if you wish. 

I will also announce your support on an upcoming video.

-Plus all previous rewards.

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