Smiles for the Children's Hospitals!
Today I have begun crafting for the two Children's Hospitals we will be shipping smile tokens off to. This is one of the most rewarding parts of this project for me. Working with others who want to share smiles is what its really about! The hospital staff has said they will let us know how the tokens are recieved by the children! I can't wait to get these mailed out! 

I spent a lot of time in hospitals at a young age, as my older brother had many medical issues. I remeber how daunting a place it can be for one so young.  I can empathize with the little patients, and I hope I can help bring just a little light into their stay there. 

Remember folks; it is still #RAKWeek2017, make it count!

Also, thanks to our new Patron Daniel! Keep being kind!

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