Smoke That Weed
First ever bit of self-recording. Not highest vocal quality due to poor recording conditions but a lovely little tune nevertheless. Enjoy. Lyrics below:

Somke That Weed (The Green Light District)

Kick back, smoke that weed,

Kick back and smoke that weed,     

When the day is done, and the evening comes,

And you want to take a little break from life,

Pull out your bong, put a record on,

And head off to the green light paradise

Chorus (x2)

After closing time, in the cold damp night,

If you’re having trouble thinking what to do,

You needn’t think no more, the party’s back at yours,

Cos the green light district always welcomes you,

Chorus (x2)

When you wanna see, what society,

Is doing to us and our reality,

When you need to think, smoke more than you drink,

Cos illusions drown in the swell of the great green sea,

Chorus (x4)