A Smol Update and stuff.
Hello Patrons and Other Interested parties!!

First some good news. I am finally recovering from illness so my next patrons only post will be chock full of goodies.

I decided to change things up a little bit and we are getting full frontal first draft naked! What does this mean?

I am including EVERYTHING. So you'll get parts of my false starts, I'm adding manuscript editorial notes. So there'll be more stuff straight out of my brain, which means you'll be privy to writer freakouts, weird angry notes to self, all of it.


One of my goals with this project is to provide something I needed as a baby writer. One of the ways I learn is by examining the process of how other folks do things. We often see visual artists who show us sketches and progress shots. In many other mediums we as students get to really see the whole process. In writing culture, we don't really get that in an accessible way.

Some people may get some of it in an MFA program, others through writing groups but I don't really see enough bare naked, looked I done fucked up this part type of thing. Obviously a good part of that is because, it's hard to get stuff published that has been read at all. Another part is that, there is pressure as an author to never show your ugly buttfaced work to the world.

How many interviews do we read where, the author says something about the terrible novel in a drawer or how embarassed they are about early drafts of stuff? 

I don't really believe in doing that. I get it but it ain't me so here we are.

In Cycle 2 of the Daiyuverse, I'm going to be showing y'all where I experiment, there will be in manuscript notes about my thoughts in the moment. It brings me a flavor of joy to share this part of the process with folks.

Now some not so great news.

The first round of edits on Cycle 1 have not gone....well so my plan to release the full Ebook will likely not happen until after New Year..boo. It WILL happen though.

Okay before I go a few things.

If you're curious about the Daiyuverse and would like some free stuff to read, I have a whole zip file full of goodies available for download here. Also good news, I'm not doing tiered rewards. So, if you want some awesome urban fantasy monthly, drop a buck a month.

Why support me?

I am economically an at risk person. I have a full time job and I don't make a living wage. My partner is disabled and on a small income from disability, our cost of being alive (not really living but I will get to that) has gone up more than 15% in two years and I have not been able to increase my income accordingly.

When I say cost of being alive, I'm talking about subsistence survival. Food, rent and maybe 10$ for entertainment. This month, due to my partner being incapacitated by an illness and an injury and my own illness, I spent most of our savings on transport, ER visits, medications etc.

My goal with this Patreon project is to really rely on it as a second job. In Washington minimum wage is $9.47 an hour. 40 hours a month of that would be 378$ approximately and would provide me with the ability to save a bit more and eventually get us the boost we need to improve our quality of life.

Here's where y'all come in.

Please, I am asking explicitly share this. If you don't have a buck a month, share the link. Share this post. I need your help to get eyes on this that are outside of my own network.

If I'm able to raise my income from this project near to a PT job, I will be able to spend the time and energy to create patron exclusive writing class videos and downloads and really provide a bigger, richer experience while doing my hearts work of teaching.

Thank you for reading and your support.

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