Smooch says THANK YOU, Elizabeth!
Thanks to a very, very generous, never-would-have-asked-for-it gift, I got a huge kick start on my hair restock. Like, 33 hanks of hair HUGE. These are almost all new-to-us colors, so The Actual Bear and I are very excited about using them! There's at least one - Diamond, which is this brilliant, sparkling white - I am 99% will make it onto the mama and baby constellation ponies! I had a much neater picture of all the new hanks in their baggies arranged by color, but then this guy happened, and, well, you can see why I had to post this one instead. He looks about as happy as my girlfriend and I felt. Thank you so much. That was incredibly generous, and means that I can move up plans to improve my photography backdrops! If any of you are in need of pony or doll hair, the nylon from is great. I got some lovely free gift colors (Butterscotch, Atomic Turquoise, and Tea Rose) in this order, too.