Smooth Q gimbal: stable videos + sponsored vids
Dear friends,

I hope you are all doing well.

I used your donations to invest in a smooth Q gimbal.
I bought it from Taobao 800 yuan. It arrived at last after 2 weeks.
I realized that I need some kind of adapter to use it with my gopro.

It is the first time I use a gimbal. I will need to gather some know-how.

This gimbal is a revolution.
It allows you to film like a pro: no shaking, you can have smooth footages, you can also move and the gimbal will follow you! This can be used for live streaming and video lessons if you want to move and change the angle a bit so viewers don't get bored so much...

I guess in a few years everyone will be equiped with this type of gimbal for their phones.

Anyway I wanted to say THANK YOU!
I hope that I will be able to use this gimbal well and produce well edited videos (now and then).
And don't worry if you like content and ideas rather than the editing part. This is still what I prefer...

I am trying to publish a few nice, well edited videos about Changsha where I live in central China. I hope that this way I could open the path to a few sponsored videos.

I was invited to travel for free as you know to Guiyang: great experience.

I will also publish a sponsored vid this week. It is nice to get paid a bit. Don't worry though I will never lie to you and always share my real and honest impression/ mind.

I love you all +++