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Smooth Sailing, impressionism fine art oil painting of sail boat on Alaska Inside Passage
You can purchase this painting or bigger than life prints at for a limited time only you can purchase a 20 by 24 inch fine art canvas print at* Painting this mild mannered impressionism seascape was one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced! Oil painting from life on a boat!!! A big boat. My co-conspirators, the Painted Ladies and I, took on the gargantuan task of holding our annual Great Alaskan Plein Air painting retreat on a cruise ship! Karen Whitworth's brain child was years in the making, and a wild success. And despite needing to accommodate and keep track of 70 artists and their guests, share our space with 40+ real life Santas, each of us ladies managed to paint. Such is the enormous benefit of team work, distributing the burden, and the law of abundance. The success of this project and of the Painted Ladies has shown me repeatedly that the law of abundance is very much real. Each lady gives and shares abundantly to their capacity and ability at any given moment. Then magically, abundance returns at an increase. It's like Magic Charms breakfast cereal, "Magically delicious!" No more keeping "artist secrets" to ourselves. No more competing for collectors. No more guarded exclusivity. It has been so refreshing to be able to be authentic and transparent and share the joy of fine art! It's also why Patreon is such a brilliant idea!! The distribution of wealth or burden, and enacting the law of abundance on a global scale will change the art world forever, enabling creators to keep creating and sharing. If you haven't found a fine artist to patron, may I recommend a few? Of course there is ME :) President of Painted Ladies, Inc.