SMOOTH SHADE with AO/GRISAILLE 20161002- Preview
The very original work of this piece was posted on Instagram couple days ago (it was a gift like piece I did for a friends.)

I thought the character was simple and a good material to showcase the Ambient Occulusion/Grisaille technique I covered on previous guide. However for the last example I used a "wooden" character which is relatively easier to apply the technique but because I understand that most people would like to apply the technique over a human looking figure.  I choose this (female) character because it's quite "2D & FLAT" looking, which I figure is harder to apply the technique due to a lack of small details. (like crease and clothe overlapping and alike...) Hopefully this one should give you an idea how to convert a flat looking lines art to a fully smooth shaded character piece...

Since the original line was done a short time and rough looking, I worked on clearing the lines and also improve the anatomy, (Tier2&3 Patrons can check the raw scan for the flaws included in PSD Files.)

*Because Tier1 patrons have no access to PSD files, instead I have included images of Shade/Ambient Occulusion/Highlight/Color in separate image. You can't get the exact final image by compositing those images but at least you get to see how each layer looks.

**Original image posted on Instagram is attached to this post. (Download for comparison over a rework...)

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