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Snack Attack
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It's frustrating when you see people trying to do something good for themselves based on the information provided to them through ads, media and government. I myself used to be a giant proponent of reduced-fat snack foods, never making the connection that part of the reason why I was able to eat a bag of chips or box of cookies in one sitting was that I wasn't eating real food. It would be a very difficult feat to eat twelve apples in one sitting. The fiber and nutrients in one apple help you to register your fullness right away. If you put a plate of nachos in front of me, I will consume in its entirety and probably still want more. Ditto for candy or cereal. Give me clean food that's close to its natural state, though, and I'll eat it and be satisfied. And if I get hungry again later, I can fix myself another healthy snack and it's no big deal.

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