Snaky II Review

Snaky II is an old game by Phantasar Productions on GameJolt. The game is so old that is must be run in a DossBox emulator or something similar. I was asked to review this game by the developer and games like this just show that the fun games give to players, transcends time and engines. For the record, I played the game to completion in about 2 hours and I had a blast while doing it. 


I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started playing Snaky II. From the name I gathered that it would be some type of Snake game, but considering the age of the game, I wasn’t sure of the limitations of the engine used to create it or the limitations of the game itself. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game as it offered a lot of fun challenges and a different style of gameplay from other Snake games that I’ve played. I’ll get into the gameplay more later on in the review, but I would like to add now that I enjoyed how each level was setup so that the player had to grow the snake in a specific way in order to complete the level. This way, the game offered increasing engagement and I didn’t lose interest in the game during my time playing it.


It’s no surprised that an older console game would be limited on graphical quality, but I think that Snaky II did a nice job of keeping the screen nice and colorful. It could be a little too colorful at times though. The background images used were either overly saturated or unsaturated which caused some levels to appear either very bright or very dark, depending on the background. Every time you start a level or restart a level, the background switches to a new background which I personally felt didn’t suit this game well. The overly saturated backgrounds especially clashed with some of the objects in the game, which made it difficult to know where the player should navigate their snake. Thankfully though, by losing, I was able to easily switch to a more clear background which allowed me to see the level much clearer. Other than the graphics, I didn’t really have any other problems with Snaky II’s presentation. The music and sound effects fit the game well and the amount of presentational work in general surprised me since the game is essentially a console game.


If you enjoy solving interesting puzzles, then I think that you would be very engaged in playing Snaky II. Although it is a Snake game, it functions more like a puzzle game, in which the player has to think carefully about the direction the snake extends to. The main difference between this Snake game and others I’ve played is that your snake grows from 1 continuous point instead of growing only when eating something. In order to progress through the levels, you must eat all of the blue orbs in the level but your snake grows each second regardless of whether or not you have eaten anything. Also in future levels, there are frenemies the player has to avoid as they cut anything in their path. The reason I used frenemy instead of enemy is that they can be useful in some situations as they can cut the length of the snake so you can go back to an area you’ve already been through before. The puzzle aspects of the game, along with the inclusion of enemies help to make this old Snake game, different from any other Snake game I’ve played before.


Although the game is old, it still maintains the important qualities that makes a game fun and playable. The levels are very engaging and I believe the game did a nice job graphics wise, considering what the game was made in. I say if you like puzzle games or Snake games, then I think you would like playing Snaky II.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Game Making!!