SNB 2.0.0 (Public Release)
Hello Everyone!

This is a poll for all because this concerns all. SNB is/was set to be released next Friday. However, a couple of things have come up that has caused us to question whether releasing it would not be beneficial to you.

As many of you already know, a pretty awesome patch is coming next month. This patch will require us to redo some things on our mods before you can use it again. We have a plan in place for you to keep your SNB data for each individual Sim account so you won't lose it during that time but you would still have to wait a bit before we can release it back out to be able to play again. 

Recently, a trending error with this version has popped up that we will need to address. The Mod Developer hasn't had a chance to address it so we can't officially state whether it is fully release worthy because we don't know the full effects of keeping it in game. Essentially, we are having a hard time narrowing down the instances in which cause these errors. So far it appears to produce an LE randomly that mentions our Direct Deposit and Retirement. 

With that being said, I'm leaving the decision to you on whether you would still like the release or not. I was going to side with caution on this and not release anything, but you would be the most affected by the result so I will leave it in your hands. 

Sorry to disappoint everyone but I hope that by leaving the decision to you, the SimRealist community, we might be able to make the best decision for all. 

Much Love,


Yes!! Please still release on Friday!


No! I prefer you to wait until it is Patch Ready and error corrected. (In return we will fast track this mod to only a two week test period)

Poll ended Oct 8, 2018
94 votes total

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