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"He paced back and forth for hours. They would not let him in nor tell him anything. His son watched curiously, worry beginning to crease his smooth, 4-year-old brow. If father was anxious, then something must be wrong. He slowly emerged from the shadows, sleep still weighing on his eyelids, and gently reached for his father’s hand. Aidan was startled and pulled his hand back quickly. He quickly smiled and tousled his son’s hair.

“I’m sorry, my son, I did not hear you coming. What are you doing here at this hour? Where is your governess?” Little Riordan just stared sleepily up at him and reached, once again, for Aidan’s hand. “Nevermind, my darling, I will take you to bed myself.”

As he tenderly scooped his son into his arms, his attention was taken by the familiar creak of the heavy, carved doors. A red faced maid frantically stuck her head out of the door. “Your Majesty, it’s time. You should come.” In the same breath, she had disappeared into the room again, leaving the door open behind her.

Aidan quickly set his son back on the floor and took him by the hand. He could not leave him alone in the empty hallway. This sleepy young lad was the future of their village. As they entered the room, he motioned emphatically for a maid to come stand with his son, and in two steps he was by his beloved bride’s bedside. He stroked her hair and took her hand in his. “Oh, Glenna, we are almost there. Just a minute more and we can see our son.”

His queen could do no more than nod once in the hope that this would be true. She had been in pain for hours and her confidence in the arrival of their assumed son was quickly fading. With one more grimace, a deep breath, and an iron grip on the hand of her beloved, she pushed one last time. She had done it. Tears made their way in rivers down her cheeks. The doctor worked to ensure the health of the baby and excitedly exclaimed, “Congratulations, your Majesties, on the birth of a beautiful princess.”

Most parents would be elated simply at the fact that their child was born healthy. It should not matter that this child was born a princess. They had a son, an heir. Yet dread began to fill their hearts. Without a word between them, their eyes spoke the same simple question. What if she was destined to fulfill the prophecy?"

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