Sneak Peak #8 Hkr

Dear Dudes and Dudettes!

As I mentioned before, I'm working on a new game (I love to say that, makes me feel like a real game dev!) but I haven't yet told you or showed you anything about it. The time has come and I finally think I can share this little drawing above.

First of all, a little disclaimer. This is a drawing I spent few hours on, redrawing it a couple of times, polishing it and trying to make look good. I do know there's a shitload of things I still need to learn and I promise you, I'm doing my best! I know the other drawings will be better, I don't know how much better yet, but surely better.

Secondly, this drawing is a reward. Yup, the rewards in a lewd game will be less lewd than those that are not awards. Oh but what is the game about, you may ask. Hkr, as the production title seems to be the best one I could come up with, is a game in which you dwell in the Deep Web, helping those in need, sort of a genderless, identity-less Batman-kind of hacker. Your clients are people whose very private photos are in hands of people who shouldn't have them for various reasons. And as I wouldn't make you actually break into imaginary people's devices (because I can't and I'm not interested in learning that), you won't have write a single line of code here.

How I imagine you play this game will be explained in the next Sneak Peak, so stay tuned! Also, have you ever played Raft? It's so good when you play with someone!

Stay safe and stay afloat!