Sneak Peak at Bonus Material
Soooo... here's something new I'm working into the Session Zero brand. I won't devote hard time to this until SZ4 is complete, but here is an early draft of something that will be free for all my supporters as a bonus for pledging. I'll put in on Drive Thru RPG for a $1 or so.

Set 1 will be 60 cards in PDF form (you'll have to print and cut) of people, places and things drawn from issues 1-4 of the Session Zero zine for use with world building. No descriptions, no stats... just a name, a picture, and some questions. Shuffle, draw 5 or 6 and start asking (yourself or your players) and answering the questions.

I personally like to print on paper and slip them into card sleeves in front of a Magic: The Gathering land card, but you could print onto a thicker paper if you'd like.

There's a little room on the cards for symbols of some kind... A number representing what issue it came from, a Person/Creatures/Place/Thing icon for easy separation, a die symbol that puts each card on a one-roll generator because, holy crap, my one-roll generators have exactly 60 elements on them (4+6+8+10+12+20 = 60!!!). There are other possibilities too...

What type of symbol(s) would be most helpful for you?