Sneak Peak at a New Book Project
I've been developing a book project over the past year, tentatively titled Stand To! Military Readiness Principles for Business Leadership. Obviously, it's based on the premise that business leaders can learn a lot by understanding and applying concrete readiness principles and methods from the military.

I've attached an overview, including the draft table of contents and preface. Chapters 1 and 2 have already been drafted and I will make them available to Patrons only. I will welcome any comments only from Patrons.

Enjoy! And I hope you will join me on this adventure throughout the next year!

Stand To! Military Readiness Principles for Business Leadership

© 2017 Richard Martin. Copying and sharing strictly prohibited without the author’s express permission.


· Stand to! is the order given to put troops in a high state of fighting readiness. It comes from the trenches of the First World War, when forces would stand ready for action at dawn and dusk to face a surprise attack. The practice continues to this day, though adapted to the realities of modern warfare and conflict. The order to Stand to! encapsulates the whole theory and practice of military readiness, which is about vigilance, preparedness, and robustness before, during, and after action, in war and in peace. 

· For the first time ever, Stand To! Military Readiness Principles for Business Leadership will explain in detail the proven methods of military readiness so these can be applied by business leaders to grow their companies and thrive under the most demanding and chaotic conditions.

· In my practice as a strategy and leadership consultant, I’ve noticed that many, if not most, companies and their leaders are well prepared to fight the last war, but not well positioned to fight the current one, much less the next one. In other words, they consistently have a low state of readiness for change, risk, and uncertainty and they are poorly positioned to exploit opportunities to thrive and grow.

· Business leaders need a how to guide to help them make critical decisions in the face of rapid change, risk, and uncertainty. They need a tool to guide them and their teams in uncovering opportunities so they can seize the initiative while defending against threats from all quarters. Stand To! is exactly the guide book business leaders need to go on the offensive while defending against risks and threats of all kinds!

Why military readiness for business? Military leaders have perfected the art of readiness. Executives and entrepreneurs have much to learn from these approaches and from implementing them in their own companies and organizations. Stand To! is a veritable handbook that readers will go back to again and again for step by step instructions to guide them in their strategizing, planning, and leadership.