A sneak peek at your coming Orgasmic Gifts!...
Hello Loves!

I am so excited to make my first connection with you all!  You feel like a special new family to me, and I am incredibly grateful for your support!

I wanted to give you all a head's up that the first "Orgasm Session" will be sent out next Monday!  The topic will be:

What is an energy orgasm? (And why do they matter?)

(a perfect primer before The Energy Orgasm Course this fall!)

Also, want to read more about the Orgasm Sessions and see a list of some upcoming topics?  Click here...

If you have any friends that you think would love this and might want to get in before the first session goes out on Monday, just share www.orgasmicwoman.com!  

Like you, they can set their own price and get all this orgasmic goodness!  You can share it in an email or on social media...in any way you would like!

Again, your support means the world to me...and in just ten days we are already getting close to the first goal!  You are helping me to get nearer to writing my upcoming book, The Return of the Sexual Priestess, and to go deeper into my healing journey and I am so, SO very grateful!

Love you all, and I will be in touch Monday with the first Orgasm Session!





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p.p.s.  Have a question you hope will be answered in one of the Orgasm Sessions?  Just reply to this post or write to jennifer(at)jenniferposada.com to share!