A Sneak Peek at Spade
   Sorry for the looong delay in posting anything new, but I've been fighting a rather nasty cold since the day after Christmas.   My bout with sarcoidosis a few yeas back left my lungs scarred and chest colds tend to hit me rather hard. Trying to work wearing a respirator felt a bit like drowning,..luckily, I'm finally over it and all is back to normal (whatever that is around here).

   Spade's raw 3D print arrived yesterday and I immediately strung him together and took a few pics. :-)

    When he's finished, he will no longer have the print lines, of course. I'm really excited about how well he stands and poses! I have his gloves as well; but because they are printed in high resolution transparent acrylic, none of the detail will photograph until i get them cleaned and primed. Soon as I do, I'll be posting them.

     I'll be posting pics of the face plate of the month casts next and will finally be shipping those this coming week.

     I'll be sending out the last of the invoices for the pre-sale Nails kits this weekend. If you don't receive your invoice by Monday, please note or email me. The last of the pre-sale kits will be shipping Tuesday and Wednesday, then I will finally begin sending out finished dolls.

     I will also be posting pics of Mira's final molds very soon. Molding a fully 3D printed doll was HUGE learning experience; but when I begin molding Spade, he should go much easier.

     As always, any questions or comments please feel free to post below :-)