Sneak Peek: Comic #398

Tapastic is perhaps the biggest and most popular webhost for webcomics.

As of late, however, Tapastic has been getting increasingly greedy, and this is its second attempt at a power grab over its own community... in two months (the first one was a claim of Prima Nocte on its authors' publishing rights).

Needless to say, Tapas members are not stupid, and Tapas has been bleeding members ever after its first attempt (even after they backpedalled on it). Unlike their previous attempt, this new scam is not compulsory for publishing your webcomic there, but still, lots of creators that hadn't left during their first attempt are doing so now on grounds of not being willing to put up with recurrent attempts at screwing them over.

If Tapas keeps this up, they'll end up like Project Wonderful. 

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