Sneak Peek: Novella Collection Cover
Oh ho! So I decided that since the three "main" stories I had for the short story collection were, in fact, novellas all by themselves, AND they all interconnected tightly, I should just separate them out and place them in their own collection/book. One will be the Marozi story (still searching for a title... nothing feels "right" just yet), one is the text-version of "Empires of Sand", and the last is an as yet unnamed, unwritten, un-started (except in my head) story of the Pale Ones at the time, with Sabetook and his family.

Basically, the book overall would be broken into three parts, not unlike FoD, but each part would be one of the novellas. Placed in rough chronological order (they overlap some), and I think they, together, give us a LOT of the background we need and want about the Pale Ones and Red Queens and stuff. Like questions people bring up that couldn't be addressed in FoD without ruining story and pacing. It's good stuff in its own right, even if it's not about Uru and co. At least not directly -- her ancestors are in it.

Anyway, that's what is up with that. Course it means that I now need ANOTHER cover for the actual short stories. Oh well. Gives you guys more books to collect and read, right? 

Anyway, the Lyonesse on the cover is no one in particular. Deliberatly vague, because this 'book' isn't about any one main character. The Marozi one is about Himarta, his various eventual-wives, Zufan and her brother, etc.; EoS is about Iyapo and Sada and Akoth and Linje and many others; Pale One story is about Sabetook and his two kids and their 'adventures' with the Shard creeps (they return! xD). So no one character focus like we did on Uru in FoD. So lady on le cover can be anyone of the females or none of them. ;D

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