Sneak Peek - Upcoming projects for September thru November
     It's going to be a busy couple of months with a lot of fun projects in the works! First I am honored to be working with Richard Woolcock on a set of #freemaps for his Halloween one sheet adventure for Saga of the Goblin Horde, Jon Marr, The Purple Sorcerer, enjoyed the map series I created for Neblin Pendlebrook's Perilous Pantry and has allowed me to do the same for Daniel Bishop's latest DCC adventure, The Frost Fang Expedition--I was so excited when he sent me a pre-release version to work from! I am also continuing work on The Mad Merchant's  Shop map for the adventure I'll be running  for my home group this month, and I have volunteered to create the map for the Savage Worlds community project that is being spearheaded by Eric Lamoureaux and  Jaime Pierson of The Wild Die Podcast.