"Sneak Peek" of an autumn project
I've just learned that the animation project that I drew storyboards for in autumn has been finalized and the final video posted on youtube, so I thought I would share some of the storyboards for you to see how things turn from storyboard to animation :) You can see that some things have changed in the process, depending on available space and props. Also the characters' design is different, at the time their design was still in progress, so I just went with "black cats with white markings, one fat and other slim".

Who can guess who the fat cat in these storyboards was based on? :3

Hope you enjoy! Should I post the rest of the storyboards if you want to see the differences? :D

The final animation:


(I'm sorry I haven't been much active, I've been working hard on the diploma thesis... I'll answer everything next week >_>;; )