Sneak Peek | Test Shoot with Karl Anton Björkman

Saturday (26/01) was a cherry on top of an incredible week making magic with fellow creatives. 

Two shoots with Riggers and one day with a rope workshop was followed with a test shoot working with the talented photographer, Karl Anton Björkman

The last few weeks have held a significant lesson in processing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences before I share them... so that's all you get for now. ;)

I'll share more soon, including sneak peeks from the two Shibari shoots, plus the nude sneak peeks from this shoot in a private post - and there are A LOT! 

For now, here are a few public-friendly shots with Karl - and he's asked to emphasize that they are not edited in any way... yet! I can't wait to see what he does with them in post-production. 

© Karl Anton Björkman

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