Sneak Peek: Titan Pages 97-100

Hi Patrons (and hopefully soon-to-be-Patrons)!

So, I am getting to work on Titan Part 07 (which will either be titled "My Moon, My Man" or "Rebel Girl"), and I thought I would share a little sneak peek of the pages I'm working on. Please keep these pages under your hats, since I won't be releasing them publicly for a little while still... I want to get more pages completed before I start serializing the chapter on Study Group Comics.

This scene is going to be a stylistic departure from the rest of the book, since it is a flashback/dream sequence for Phoebe... It is either going to be pure black and white (as you see the pages here) or maybe it might have a flat grey tone... but no spot color, as all the rest of the book has.

PLEASE let me know what you think! These pages are quite different and I hope that they will read well for you, the audience. I'll be posting more in the near future, I'm trying to have a very aggressive drawing schedule in the coming months! Wish me luck!

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