Sneak previews...
Hello friends, and happy new year. 

Thankyou so much for your support in 2017.  It means the world to me that you are along for this ride.  

Not a huge amount to say right now other than Calf & I are smashing out sessions left right and centre, spending a lot of hours in the studio together working on these 5 songs.

Sometimes a session is frustrating and tedious, sometimes it's inspired and exciting and I leave lit up and tingling with excitement.  Both of these kinds of sessions are necessary and great and we make progress.  

Recording & production are time consuming (and therefore expensive).  Sometimes we might spend 15 minutes (or more) just auditioning & tweaking the sound of one cymbal.   Yeah, seriously.

I'm learning a lot and becoming more and more comfortable with the process.

Calf is amazing, and obviously deserves a medal for spending so many hours locked in a small room with me haha.

Anyway, I really just wanted to share with you these two little 15 second video snippets from my Instagram story.  This night we were working on "The Sickness" and he got into a flow moment with synths and now the song makes me feel like I'm in the Stranger Things soundtrack and I'm so okay with that.

In this footage he's writing a synth bass line which is hella ominous.  Consider everything you hear work-in-progress, but it gives you a bit of an idea as to the direction this song has taken.  It gets heaps more hectic at the end of the song and I get very excited about it.  Can't wait for you to hear more.

This one is the least "organic" in that pretty much all the components are synthesised/programmed, or where real instruments have been recorded they're heavily effected.  On the other tracks I'll be bringing in instrumentalists, a bassist and a drummer (not both on every track though) and perhaps a little guitar solo here and there.

Anyway, that's all I've got to share for now, but sending you all love and hugs and best wishes for the start of your new year... hope to be sharing more with you real soon.

T x