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Sneaking away into hotel swimming pools! [Yacht Refit & Restoration Week 6] (Ep.11)
 Ricky & I go for some First Aid training. Ricky buys 7 kg of Squid (which he has to eat all by himself) as i'm not the biggest fan of squid. Ricky shows you guys how to prepare fresh squid.   We start cutting up our marine ply wood for our bulk heads in our starboard and port aft cabins, as well as to replace our floors. We also rip out our bath and sink to make way to fit in a shower and smaller sink.   Our circular saw died on us so we had to make a trip down to Builders Warehouse for a new one and Ricky decided to get a fresh new hair cut on the way there.   My mom also flew in to come say hi and visit us. We went for dinner with her and breakfast the next morning at the hotel she was staying at. It was AMAZING! We also threw in a quick swim in there massive indoor heated swimming pool.   Thanks for watching!  As well as a big thank you to our two new patreons! Emile/Daniel du Toit Chase Mixon