A Sneaky Peek....
Hello World and Patrons and Interested parties!

One of the things that this here little Patreon thing has done, has given me space and freedom to explore.

One of the things I've been terrified of/desperate to try is high fantasy. I have never written high fantasy ever in my friggin life. Friends have lovingly called me Tolkien, in that I've been known to get a tad bit windy and carried away when trying to create a whole new world.

I don't have the most confidence about creating worlds. No let me rephrase. I don't have confidence that I know when to stop.

So, I challenged myself to write a story with these elements as culled from a disaster of a novel attempt:

A King that is a woman and pansexual. A War king.

A catwoman who is both cat and woman. Sort of like Tigra from Marvel but not transformed or in the context of mutant or alien. She's a technically divine being and is a big asshole. But a loveable asshole because she's a cat.

And a world. A kingdom.

And it is a love story.

Just having it be fantasy and a love story is a lot for me. I have sat myself down and started working it out.

I've been slowly but surely working on this story and I wanted to share a little bit of my personal writerly triumph with y'all.

Here is a little bit from just past the start, just a lil taste.


The cat woman stretched and rolled over, looking up at him with wide pumpkin colored eyes. She blinked slowly and squeezed her eyes shut; she reached up to stroke his cheek. “I love you. You are so worried all the time. All will be well. I will have my king, and our husband and our babies. It is foretold.” Be calm. Oh our escort is here.” Before he could respond, she’d jumped to her feet and stopped in front of her looking glass to fuss with her dress. It wasn’t really a dress; it was more a few layers of diaphanous silk that floated across her naked furry body.

The Cleric knew better than to comment. He’d said something about another of her see through semi-dresses and woke to find his favorite soft trousers shredded and pissed upon. He took her arm to guide her outside, standing there at attention were several large, heavily muscled and finely dressed people. One stepped forward, put out his hand and smiled.

“Good evening lady cat. King Nailah of Thorn has sent us with a palanquin and a bard if you should like.” Makatza smiled, she clapped her little furry hands and her ears flickered back and forth rapidly as they did when she was curious and excited. “And who are you fine, fine people?” Each of the muscled pretties stepped forward and crouched, they allowed her to sniff and paw at them freely. “Oh, you are all so big and lovely, are you relatives of our dear king?” The spokesman for the little group flashed a dimpled smile, “oh no madam. We are her personal guard. And she instructed us to be our best in order to escort you. May I?”


This is our catwoman Makatza. I've spent some time studying cat behavior and I really want to get that in there. Unlike the Daiyu Saga (the ongoing novella in progress Patrons get to read as it happens) this world is very much being pulled out of the air. 

I am using some things to help make sure folks see that this is a universe full of Brown people. I'm using a lot of names that are not Eurocentric necessarily and not made up. I want to give not only the actuality of this being a Black and Brown world, but reinforce it with certain names and words.

I'm not sure how successful I'll be but I'm trying.

This is why I started Patreon. Having this bit of financial breathing room has meant that I don't have to engage with an industry that I find gross and exploitative. I don't force myself to try and freelance more. I'm able to just do more of what I'm good at, just write.

Want more?

One buck a month and you get letters like this (and more if you like) and you get to read my WIP -no for real. This novella is coming to Patrons pretty much unedited right out of my gourd. We're currently on rewrite #1 and up to chapter 5 where stuff starts getting interesting- SO come sign up, try it for a month and if you don't like it bounce.

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