Snippet of "Sometimes You...", forthcoming in the Nothing Without Us Anthology!

Sometimes you... fly...

Lying down on the grass in College Park in downtown Toronto, high, but not on drugs, memories of lazy beer-fed summer evenings swimming in your head...

Then they show up in your vision. Three of them.

The first one, a young man with a corned beef complexion, with far too much blonde hair for one human being...

The second; carroty hair matted over his face. Some pimples. 

The third. Eyes that are sharp, that are flinty, that don't waver.

Said the first: "He looks like a guy trying to figure out how to open a bottle of whiskey from the inside." Gruff laughter. A mean smile.

A cool breeze set the foliage in the park whispering.

You feel an exhausted gravity weigh itself around you.


You paste on a smile. This is the pain of being alive...

You have the prerogative to remain silent, but not the ability.

"Well, hello, gentlemen."

The first one's face betrays annoyance.

The meal of a while ago is a warm memory in your stomach. Too bad you may be bringing it up soon...

"Let's get this one over with, shall we?"


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