[Snippet] Tiny tiny little changes...
She was locking the last utility closet when Clarice called.

“Theo just hit the station,” Clarice said.  “She’s parking her car.  I thought you should know: I told her about the Thane.”

Elise had been fixated on Francis all morning.  It took her a full minute to switch gears and process what Clarice meant. “You told her I’m dating Jack Cabot?”

“It kind of slipped out.”

“Slipped out?”

“I was complaining about the lack of datable men in Philadelphia.  Most normal men are overwhelmed by our angelic glamour. If they aren’t, they’re seriously gay.  There’s no men in our tribe that are our age.  The Philadelphia pack of werewolves, on the other hand, has a score of men our age.  They’re immune to our glamour.  They’re all surprisingly intelligent; most have master degrees from ivy league colleges. They’re good looking too, in that backwoods kind of way.  Most of them seem single.  At least, they’re living in houses with other guys, not women.”

Teaming up with Jack Cabot had been an education on all the things Elise didn’t know that she didn’t know about werewolves.  Her family only taught her how to kill wolves.  She had known nothing about how they lived.  Yes, werewolves were surprisingly intelligent. They put a great deal of importance on college degrees from the best universities.  They were, though, sheltered and naïve beyond belief.

Her people left home young, trained in a foreign country, and then was expected to live alone once they finished their training at eighteen.  Werewolves never left the home.  Never.  If an unmarried wolf moved out of their parents’ house, it was to move in with the other single young wolves down the street.  The bachelor quarters were like frat houses with fur.  Wolves didn’t like being alone.  They sought out company of their own kind.

Elise hadn’t had a chance to share her observations yet.  Life kept giving her more important things to discuss with Clarice.  How did she know?  “You spied on them?”

“I couldn’t help it,” Clarice murmured.  There was the click of her keyboard.  “I’ve always kind of took the wolves for granted.  I know they’re there but they run a tight ship, so I never had to get involved in them.  But after you started to date the Thane, I was curious.  I should know all the wolves in my area.  How many there are.  How old they are.  Where they live.  I started out just doing a quick search but then I got a little… Obsessive?”

“How obsessive?”

“You don’t really want to know.  It’s kind of creepy.  I know I would be totally freaked out if someone did it to me.”

Knowing Clarice’s abilities for gathering information, the mind boggled as to what level her obsession took her.  

“Are you tracking them via their phones?” Elise said.  “Or did you hack their computers’ cameras?”

“Something like that.”


“I’m lonely!  I just got carried away.  There’s Theo! You should focus on her!  Bye!”


When I polish, I do a lot of "same but different" tweaks on scenes that I'm not sure anyone would notice if they read the rough draft months ago and this version now.  The basic information stayed the same which is "wolves have bachelor houses" and "clarice is cyber stalking her local pack looking for a boyfriend."  The subtle change is to reinforce the differences between the Grigori and the werewolves which is going to lead to some of the problems with Elise and Theo.