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Snorlax - The Forest
Hello my lovely Pokezoologists, so there has been a little change of pace for this post as I've created 2 images instead of 1. Basically, I've had all kinds of issues with this picture, and though I was happy with the Snorlax itself, the scene wasn't grabbing me. So I did 2 alternatives, I like both in their own unique way but I've had mixed reviews from friends and family on which one they like better... so I thought, hell, I'll post them both and let you decided for yourselves which you like best!

Climbing through the towering ferns of an old, dark forest, I find a sleeping giant, dozing under a huge tree, it's a Snorlax! These Pokemon are known for sleeping for days at a time and are notoriously hard to wake up, though when they do, watch yourself as they tend to be very hungry and get rather grumpy.

Thank you as always! You are incredible for helping me on this journey! Much love!