Snow Shadows First Change (WIP)

This is a chapter sneak peak, a snippet of the full story (WIP). Enjoy.



“One of you?! I am not one of you!”

“Yes,” he said, then his fore-paw shot out and grabbed her by her for-leg. He snatched it clear of the snow. His thumb wrapped around her fore-leg so she couldn’t escape. Stunned, she stared at the strange appendage. He turned her leg over and exposed her own thumb.

“You are one of my kind.”

Then he shape-shifted in front of her, forcing her to stand on her hind legs. She struggled, but it was half-hearted. Fear, hate, and a flood of self-loathing filled her mind. The energy that surrounded him touched something deep inside of her. There was a flutter of response, like a second heart-beat. In the back of her mind another consciousness slowly woke.

That flutter surged into a single heavy pulse of power. The sensation was warm, comforting, and pleasant. Like the pile of her littermates deep in the den of her youth.

“See, there is the Flux. Guide it, shape it, and become human.”

At those words she balked. The flow of power backwashed and pain flowed through every inch of her body. The sleeping second consciousness woke fully and screamed into their shared mind. Memories of a different life flow like a waterfall. A small human girl, about 10 years old, sickly and weak. A ritual circle painted in blood glowed with power. A young, white-furred, blue-eyed wolf pup, not yet a yearling, was placed into the girls arms.

She cried out, fought the memories and the change. Pain wracked her body as the flow of Flux swirled about her. The other mind reached for the Flux, guided it, and forced the change. The wolf-mind faded, fearful and angry. 

“Easy now, easy. Focus on a human shape. That’s all. The Flux will do the rest.” 

A shudder wracked her body, as the Flux forced the change. The gentle coaxing slowly cut through her pain. The human mind inside clung to his words… It was easier to focus on his voice.

Slowly, the wolf-muzzle shortened and the fur shed everywhere. Some of the soft tuffs mingle with the churned up snow, while others were caught on the breeze and blown away. Gently he hung on as her legs and arms deformed and reshaped into something more human. She teetered to one side, but he caught her. Slowly he kneeled down. Ignoring the searing cold of the snow under his bare knee, he held on to her. Violently she shivered and thrashed.

“Easy now, you’re almost there.”

Her torso widened, and shortened. The missing clavicle in her wolf-form re-formed and set itself back into place.  With grunt of pain she flung her arms up and out. Her hands, still paw-like, grabbed at his face. There was a hatred and anger in her now very human eyes. Pain drew a tight wince from him as her claws dug into his face.

“Noooo…” she croaked with a long under-used voice.

Carefully he stood her up. Her hand released their hold. Before him was a naked woman, in her early twenties. She wobbled, uncertain of being on two legs. His grip on her forearm kept her from falling again, steadying her. Her blue eyes flashed a warning.

“What’s your name? Do you remember?” His question was gentle, coaxing.

“Snow-Shadow… no… Elosie. Elosie Reignhart… I think?”

“Yes. Both are correct.”

“H.. how do you know?”

“The Clan Elders told me. They sent me to find you.”


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