Snow White's Queen - a Monologue

Evil Queen

That nasty little Snow White ruins EVERYTHING! I'll show that ugly little demon who is the most beautiful, and fairest of them all! I’ll see to it, she will get her comeuppance. But how? It seems the slippery little worm was able to get past my Huntsman. I’ll have to think of something a little more devious. Now, where’s my spell book? Ah, yes, now let’s see… Love Potions, no thank you, Turn Your Mother in Law into a Toad… tempting, but we all know how the Frog Prince turned out. Sadly not in a delicious meal of French cuisine. One of my bigger regrets in life… Everlasting Frost, been done, Long Hair, ew no thank you, just think of the Fleas! Although… come to think of it, Snow White and the Seven Fleas has quite the ring to it, don’t you think? No? Very well, ahhh, yes, APPLES. Poison Apples. That should do the trick! One drop of Snake Venom, two drops of Black Bug’s Blood, and a sprinkle of Piranha scales, simmer until green... Perfect, that wretched Snow White will soon be our very own Sleeping Ugly! *Evil Laugh*.