Snucuddle and Pythubus (Many Monsters Project)

(Left) Snucuddle

It loves warmth. It slithers up to warm bodies and cuddles them. It grows the more it cuddles.

(Right) Pythubus

It sneaks up on sleeping prey and it wraps its long body around them to absorb their energy. A victim being wrapped up by it will feel very relaxed as its energy is drained. It also have a habit or wrapping themselves around trainers they really trust for affection.

They are based on pythons, plush toys, and succubi/incubi. The idea of them wrapping up a victim and stealing energy is basically a "G-rated" version of what an actual succubus/incubus would do.

If they were Pokemon...


Species: Hugs Pokemon

Type: Normal

Abilities: Cute Charm/ Oblivious

Egg Group: Field/ Dragon

Notable moves: Constrict, Wrap, Bind, Charm

Snucuddle evolves into Pythubus when it levels up with maximum happiness.


Species: Hugs Pokemon

Type: Normal/ Fairy

Abilities: Cute Charm/ Oblivious

Egg Group: Field/ Dragon

Some level up moves: Hypnosis, Slam, Coil, Dragon Tail

Name Origins

Snucuddle: Snake/ Snuggle/ Cuddle

Pythubus: Python/ Succubus/Incubus

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