Snug and Firm In My Heart
Beautiful people can be found everywhere,

Even far across the cement-colored world.

And so is looking for a potential date,

The type that matches a stage

Filled with petty dreams,

Isn’t quite as hard to find

When you have enough desire.

However, coming across that one person,

That makes your soul quiver,

The one who makes you curious

Of every simple answer

They could ever give,

Is a difficult piece to fit onto,

Snug and firm, sometimes a clueless tension…

One that you will never find,

Without first knowing of yourself,

A puzzle that is more than

Just your very heart.

A mystery waiting

To be a completed picture.

Once you find that lover,

You should never have to look for them again.

And if they still feel empty and lost

Then their enigma can also be solved, finally,

By yours truly.