You may have noticed that there are now two posts going out for each show. 

1) The audio file as we've been doing will continue to come out each show.  That won't change. We ARE working on getting it all moved over to which you'll be able to access with a personalized password that you will get with your $1 pledge.

2)  We set up the webcam and are broadcasting LIVE video along with being live on the station. Two ways to catch us live and now another way to catch the archive. We are putting out the link only to you the Patrons almost immediately after. Those videos will remain unlisted for (tentatively) two weeks, meaning you have first access to them should you miss the live shows. Definitely subscribe to our YouTube if you haven't

We are coming up with some ideas for patron-only events at the Studio Clubhouse, including stand up comedy shows, movie nights, open mics? You into that??

You may have also noticed a rise in quality of the shows. With your patronage we have been able to purchase a new board. We are still learning what we can and can't do with it but are really pleased with it's ability so far.  If you want to take a look at what you helped us get you can check this link.

We started a daily RFR Podcast. This is mostly a recap of each day's events and a clip of each show that aired that night. Still awaiting approval from iTunes and various other spots but for now you can get it from The Zine section of at this link.

We want to know which shows you are listening to and what you're thinking of as you're listening. You can tweet at us @NoRadioRadio and/or use #WDMF. 

Thank you guys SOOOOOOO much for believing in what we are doing here. We appreciate it.

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