So about that Patreon fee change
Hi everybody. So I talked about this a bit during last night's livestream and if you follow the same circles I do on twitter you probably heard about it there. Ryan North wrote a pretty detailed breakdown of it on his Patreon. 

Edit: Here's another in depth post on the matter from Jeph Jacques. 

Basically what's happening is Patreon is restructuring their pricing system. The way it works now if you pledge $1 you pay $1, Patreon takes 5 cents, credit cards take 7-15 cents. In my experience it's usually closer to the high end of that and I get about 80 cents of your original dollar. But there's no way for us to know how much of that money is getting eaten up by fees.

The new pricing restructures to a predictable rate and moves the fees from my end to yours. As I understand it for every pledge you now pay the price of the pledge plus 35 cents plus an additional 2.9% So now if you pledge $1 you pay $1.38, Patreon takes 5 cents, I get 95 cents, and that added in 38 cents is to cover credit card fees.

So, I'd get more money but yeah for a very small pledge it's kind of a large fee? For large pledges it's more reasonable. The shitty thing is apparently the fee is per pledge, so if you're pledging $10 to 10 people you'll pay a lot more in fees than if you're paying $10 to one person.  I really hope they walk that back because it fucking sucks.

On the upside they haven't implemented the change yet. It's supposed to start on December 18th, and if you're a current Patron you shouldn't be charged at the new rate until January 1. If you'd like to give Patreon feedback about this they have a contact form here. 

I'm trying to be level headed about this, but I'm honestly very concerned. You've all been so generous and I know some of you can't afford to pay more than you already are. I totally understand if some of you jump ship, I hope you won't, but I understand. And if you're pledging a little to a lot of people and decide to consolidate I understand that too. (If you decide to do this I'd like to suggest consolidating in favor of smaller campaigns, $10 to someone making $1000 a month is negligible but to someone making $100 a month it's a lot.)

Anyway I just want to say thanks to all of you for supporting me so far. I've been struggling but thanks to you all I'm surviving. For those of you who want to leave patreon if you'd still like to support me you can send one-time paypal donations here.  Thanks.