So, about those changes!
Thx for the mood music, Bowie.

As I announced earlier, in order to keep things interesting for you & for me, the reward structure of my Patreon will switch up every 6 months...which means it's about time.

So, after much pondering & consultation, here's how it's going to be from July to December 2017:

$1-$4.99 patrons will get...

Wait, hold up a sec, what happened to separate patronage levels for $1 & $3 supporters? Well, tbh, they always felt a bit silly. The perks at this level are & will remain completely digital and posted straight into the Patreon stream, so it costs me the same amount of money and effort regardless of how many people get them, & idk about you, but more people getting more things seems like the ideal situation to me. & so, being the boss around here, I am giving all of this section's perks to everybody. DEAL WITH IT. (If you choose to deal with it by lowering your monthly contribution to $1, that is 100% reasonable! If you want to deal with it by recommending this excellent & thrifty tier to other people who might be able to part with $1 a month, that is also reasonable.)

$1-$4.99 patrons will get...
-1 hand-drawn printable something a month that you can colour or not colour or use as hamster bedding. Sometimes abstract, sometimes representative, sometimes typographical. Always friggn cute as hell.
-1 Throwback Thursday/Juvenilia Jeudi a month. This could be an old drawing, a short play from my middle school days, a tormented teen love poem, a quick'n'dirty phone recording of a song I wrote in uni, a scene from an abandoned novel
-1 Manuscript Mashup (different clips from different works of mine on a common theme) OR Extended Excerpt (full scenes) each month, alternating.

$5-$9.99 patrons will get...
-All of the above, obvs.
-1 nice fat Quarterly Mail Surprise in the actual factual mail 4 times a year. 

(Yes, quarterly is less than monthly, but these surprises are going to be surprisier than ever!)

$10-$14.99 patrons will get...
-All of the above. All. Of. It.
-Access to The Slow Game, a series of printable board game pieces released at a rate of 1 per month on the patrons-only feed. They will be cute. They will be absurd. Each one will change the game. How the game actually works is up to you. I look forward to seeing what y'all do with this one on the Community tab.

$15-$19.99 patrons will get...
-All! Of! The! Above!
-Save up credit towards an original piece of art! After 6 months of contributing at this reward tier, you'll get a great big one-of-a-kind monster drawing by me in the mail! (18x24", b&w)

$20+ patrons will get ...
-All of the above, but your special gigantic monster pal will be in brilliant technicolour.

Wahoo, now to catch up to June so I'm ready to switch gears for next month!