So-called Executive Orders
Hi there, Beloved Patrons and Cartoon Pals!

Some of you may have seen the rough drawing I posted yesterday , well, now it's done (along with the rest of the animation), yippee!  And not a minute too soon, before the next batch of insanity unfolds.  We've already had a clearly-unable-to-control-himself president attack the very court that was hearing his case about immigrant bans.  How compulsive must you be to not be able to control your rage, even then?  Doesn't bode well for our future.

 President Trump’s “so-called” judges may very well turn his executive orders into “so-called executive orders.”  It is astounding that while awaiting the decision of the Ninth Circuit court, Donald Trump would tear into the very judges deciding the case.  Trump is becoming more pathological with each passing day.  (I've been encouraging all news organizations to hire a staff psychologist to analyze the Administration.)

The Trump Administration continues to pump out Alternative Facts, from the “Bowling Green Massacre” to, even more disturbing, Trump’s continued statements that crime is at an all time high .  Fact-checkers are now so awash in phony facts and bogus statements, their efforts may soon seem futile.

These first weeks of the Trump presidency offer a disheartening (to borrow Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s term) mix of comical bumbling and truly scary proposals.  Let’s hope our independent judiciary can slow the stupidity and recklessness of this White House crew.  Enjoy the cartoon, and thanks SO much for being a part of this Patreon community!

As always, more is to come...