Oh hi! 

We're so close to hitting 1000 subscribers. Only 29 more people need to click on that subscribe button. I now we can do this before the month is over.

This is a huge milestone. After I hit 100, this was my next goal. Sure it may have taken six years longer than I wanted but I am so enthusiastic about what I'm currently creating. More people are commenting and liking than ever before. So, at least to me, it feels like things are moving in the proper direction.

The Logan Pauls of the world certainly garner the most attention in the news, but we can all vote for the content we want to see more of. Help out in any way you can. Tell all your friends, force your family members, create accounts for your dogs. Well, maybe not that last one.

Hope you're having a great day! You patronage is always appreciated. I know you’re loved. You’re worthwhile and I support you.

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