So I figured: Why wait?

Two weeks ago, my computer crashed.

Just when I was getting ready to launch my Patreon campaign.

I had it all mapped out: A cartoon or maybe (given enough time) a video, enough comics lined up so this would be worth signing up for, all that stuff. Yeah, well.

Not happening.

After fixing the computer, I'm two weeks behind on all my webcomics, and there's really no point in launching a webcomics campaign when you don't have any webcomics to show for, right? On the other hand, the timing is never quite right. So instead of waiting for the right Gate Crash time slot to open and launch the campaign on a webcomics update day like I planned, I decided to just go ahead with it. I'll just have to add all the missing content by and by. I'm still going to make a video because that sounds like fun, and I'll have the proper presentation at when it's all ready. But for now, there's just no reason to not go ahead and work myself into this. And you early adopters get to see all of this happen! That's good, too, right?